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Advertising for my SME
My iron and steel business has been growing quite well through word of mouth. But I feel we could develop even faster if we started to advertise. How should I go about this?
Asked by Aarpit Gupta | Oct 17 2014 | Report this Report abuse
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Hello Aarpit,

Even management guru's thrive for word of mouth publicity and at times, are not able to get it. So, even I suggest its the best way, but at the same time the big question you should ask is about its reach?
Also, on the other hand, the time required. I believe these are the limitations, why organizations prefer advertisements.
Also, due to the advancement in the technology, involvement of mass people, global outreach,the advertisements on virtual space are becoming a popular and an affordable source as well. But again the biggest mistake which people do is not choosing the right platform.

Telling those, who listen, is the answer, i.e. promoting on a virtual place where your target market is the solution.

So in my view you should go ahead with Advertisements, preferably on virtual space

The company BusinessVibes, I work for is also catering to similar issues.
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The old adage is that word of mouth is worth any amount of spending on advertising and other forms of marketing. However, in a world where advertising is commonplace, many companies feel they have to advertise if only to remind the world that they are there. If you do go down this road, do not expect instant results, but try to measure the effectiveness of different approaches by measuring responses.
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