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I run a specialist retail business in the sport area. We have become quite successful largely through word of mouth and now have two retail outlets. Customers are suggesting we should develop an online presence, but I am worried about spreading ourselves too thinly and am also concerned by all the stories about security. What should I do?
Asked by Amrita Patel | Apr 11 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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Hello Ms. Amrita,

Security now a days, is a big concern!
Even the biggies are not able to save themselves due to this threat but as Mr. Sreekumar has correctly pointed there are ways how you can go about this by using Cloud services.
Also as an alterative, you can look out for Platforms where you can list your Business and can leverage the related benefits like networking and promoting for free upto a certain extent.
One such platform is Businessvibes, with whom I am working.
You can reach out to me if I could be of any help at
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Hi Amrita,

Online business is critical for scalability. To start online portal, cloud technology and software as a service can help you. You can try building online eCommerce portal without even investing any money

Also what is your employee count, as of now
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I completely agree with Ms. Sinha. However, I'd like to add that some firms that just started out as SMEs grew to depend on their online portal so much that it became their main source of income. Keep this in mind and see that you have a user-friendly website that appeals to potential customers. This should help you get a strong online presence but also remember that the more online visitors you have, greater are online risks. Make sure you take preventive measures against threats that Ms. Sinha noted, and get professional help if possible.
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This is an increasingly common issue for businesses such as yours. The simple answer is that you should seriously consider going online. There are two obvious reasons. First, it will help you improve your service to your existing customers. Second, you are likely to obtain new customers – particularly if you offer specialist products. As for the spreading yourself too thin argument, going online need not be too much effort. One way round it might be to use it as a way of passing responsibility to a young member of staff. But the security issue is not to be dismissed. Make sure you get good advice on protection against not just viruses, fraud and other external threats but against unauthorized access.
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