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Funding for my clothing SME
My business – is a niche area of clothing – is going well and I am looking to expand. However, I need funding. How should I go about it?
Asked by Varnit K P | Aug 8 2018 | Report this Report abuse
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The first thing to bear in mind is that finance is a lot easier to come by than it was a few years ago and – despite recent interest rate rises – it is still relatively cheap. How you should go about raising finance really depends on two things – how much money you want and how much control of the business you want to retain. If you just want funds to help you through a difficult period, you may just be able to get an overdraft from your bank. This is relatively straightforward and does not involve any loss of control. Once you start down the road of seeking outside investors, you may gain access to bigger sums of money but almost inevitably these investors will want to become involved in the business. If you are ambitious this may be the best route, but many successful businesses have managed to fund expansion out of profits.
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