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Marketing my food supplies
I run a quite successful small business that makes specialist foods. Until now, I have supplied local shops and small chains, but my friends and family have seen similar products in supermarkets and think I should begin marketing to them. What do you think?
Asked by Anisha Das | Mar 1 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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The idea is good but as of the supermarkets the return of cash will take a long time and its up to you to take the initiative. Instead you can make the demand for the product and make customers approach supermarket for your product. I feel this may help you.
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The appeal of supermarkets is that they have nationwide spread and provide access to many more shoppers than smaller shops. However, it should not be forgotten that it is easy for new products to be lost on supermarket shelves because there are so many rivals. In addition, you have to be clear about how much you need the supermarket to pay you for the approach to be viable. Do not be drawn into going for scale and losing margins.
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