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I recently set up a business in the online retail sector. It is going well and my co-founder and I are looking at expanding our management team. How should we go about this?
Asked by Pushkal Garg | Aug 14 2018 | Report this Report abuse
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You and your co-founder need to decide what exactly you are looking for in these new recruits. It can be very difficult for even the best qualified and most experienced manager to join an entrepreneurial team because the entrepreneurs can be used to working with each other almost on a tacit basis and doing just about everything that needs to be done – usually on a “fire-fighting” basis. You need to decide how much control you are prepared to give up and make it clear what aspects of your job you need the new person to fulfill. If you do not do this, they will become frustrated and you may wonder why you are paying out a lot of your hard-earned cash in a new salary when you are still doing what you used to.
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