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Outsousrcing my work to other SMEs
I run a business producing parts for the engineering industry. We have been fairly successful, but are coming under pressure because of costs and I am thinking of outsourcing some of our production to the Far East. Is this a good idea?
Asked by Avinash Bhatt | Oct 22 2014 | Report this Report abuse
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Hello Avinash,

Even Entrepreneurs, Business Heads and other Industry leaders have accepted the fact that 'Do what you are best at and rest outsource'.

Also, as Ms. Haritha pointed out it has its own associated risks and even I do agree with that but these risks can be avoided if you know your probable partners well enough. You can also find in some organizations like where I am working now, to find such your partners anywhere from the globe and that too the authentic ones.

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions of the moment. Many businesses – large and small – have found it has helped to move at least some of their production overseas. However, the policy is not without its risks. In particular, you must feel confident about managing the relationship with your new supplier despite the great distance and believe that your quality will not diminish.
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