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Why do you focus so much on SMEs? Why are they so important?
SMEs and how important they are for society
Asked by Anu Dasgupta | Apr 9 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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We can see growth in Small Business segment across the world and new technology, software as a service and hand holding initiatives of government are all making it happen.

However branding, more value adds, nurturing people to stay and continue are all critical success factors.
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SMEs are responsible for the majority of new jobs and contribute to growth and prosperity. Moreover,their capacity for innovation and flexibility in a changing business environment makes them crucial for success on the global scale
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Well if you ask me, SMEs are extremely important for India since they contribute to more than 40 of India's GDP, which is a lot more than most other enterprises do.
Try looking up the contribution of SMEs to other economies in the world. You'll be shocked. The European Union apparently has an estimated 19.3 million SMEs, which amount to 98% of all enterprises in the Union.
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