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Bangalore: More than half of SMBs prefer to solve their own problems pertaining to information technology (IT), while only 5 percent tended to take them to a third-party service provider for fixing... more>>
Bangalore: With the Union Budget coming up next month, Punjab’s MSMEs (... more>>
Bangalore: Technology seems to be the divide between SME and growth and in an increasing attempt to fill this gap; Lenovo India the PC maker company launched its first store exclusively for SME&... more>>
Bangalore: The SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) chapter in India has seen tr... more>>
Bangalore: Small and Medium Enterprises in developing countries such as India face a number of hurdles when trying to achieve the growth they want to. But Indian SMEs, being a hardy lot, have fa... more>>
Bangalore: Last year saw the Reserve Bank of India increasing the policy basi... more>>
Bangalore: In the modern business environment, companies work hard not only to provide high quality services but also deliver it to customers on time, efficiently and to survive the competition,... more>>
Bangalore: Outsourcing in India is beneficial not only in terms of cost reduc... more>>
By Sanjeet Kumar Sen
It got me thinking when I read that computer users will spend 1.5 billion hours and USD 22 billio... more>>
By Vishad Rahangdale
Post globalization, if any segment that required being most competitive was SME’s. And chal... more>>
President, Pithampur Audhyogik Sangathan
He is the President of Pithampur Audhyogik Sangathan and has played a major role in policy making and indus... more>>
SMEs are said to be the lifeblood of any vibrant economy. They are known to ... more>>