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IT in SMBs- The Next Wave in India
Rajiv Sodhi
Rajiv Sodhi
Director, India SMB at Microsoft
Rajiv’s impeccable experience of 13 years in the IT industry has provided him with strong c... more>>
We believe that 2012 will bring many promising opportunities for the SMBs in India. As per the study by Zinnov - ‘IT opportunity in the Indian SMB landscape’, India has the second largest population of small and medium businesses (SMBs) among BRIC countries and the US. This cluster of business/economy contributes more than 60 percent to the Indian GDP, are large employers and their contribution towards the GDP is only expected to keep growing. In 2011, The Small and Medium Business Development Chamber of India reported that 45% of industrial output in India was due to SMEs. That only brings to our next potential thought – do SMBs deploy IT much? Are they IT dependent? The truth is that SMBs spend only 30 percent of India's total IT spending.

The recent upsurge of IT deployment in this sector was mainly due to adoption of cloud. Inflation threatening to cast a long shadow, and rising costs and constraints on supplies were reasons enough to give business managers, nightmares! With cloud, SMBs are now able to increase the share-ability of resources, software, and information manifold, thereby helping a company cut costs by making changes on the fly and deploying once, and then adapting an application as per its needs.

IT vendors need to shift their focus towards educating SMBs in tier II and tier III cities (or outside of just the metros) as the long tail of SMBs arise from these markets. IT vendors should focus also on educating these SMBs about leveraging technology to solve their business problems and setting up easily accessible communication channels.

SMBs, generally, invest in IT in a phased manner due to constraint in IT budgets and not having a clear roadmap of IT implementation. Microsoft designs IT solutions keeping in mind the requirements of businesses. This helps SMBs to perform in a more efficient manner, helping them streamline their day-to-day processes, increasing productivity and profit margins. With our channel partners, we are able to provide customized solutions to SMBs to design their IT investments and become trusted partners.

The key success criteria for any IT vendor is to understand the key business processes and challenges associated with it and then implement a solution for those specific needs of SMBs. Microsoft has closely been working with these businesses and continues to provide them with the best possible solutions for a great future ahead.

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