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Kavi Arora
Kavi Arora
Managing Director & CEO, Religare Finvest Limited
About author
Kavi manages the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) focused on commercial lending business. With a commitment to help and realize the dreams of India’s entrepreneurs, he spear heads the company’s vision of partnering with their clients as they grow to new heights. Imbibing his vision of ‘in the customers success lies ours success’, Religare Finvest Limited has achieved a book size to the tune of $ 2 Billion and recently acquired ISO Certification 9001:2008.

Kavi has previously worked at GE Capital, Hong Kong as Director- Secured Assets & Cross-sell and was responsible for acquisition, revenue and delivering the overall profitability in the secured assets business. Additionally, he was also responsible for putting together an effective Customer Retention Strategy by designing the CRM and developing a retention project for existing customers of GE. Prior to GE, over the course of 5 years at ABN Amro Bank ( now RBS), he has worked in various roles like Head of Consumer Bank (South) covering the whole gamut of Banking and Financial services and also as National Sales and Distribution Head for Unsecured Assets covering Personal Loans and Credit Cards.

With 18 years of diverse experience within the financial services, Kavi has been associated with reputed companies such as ABN Amro Bank, ATS Services, CitiFinancial, 20th Century Finance, Consortium Finance and GE capital. He has been recognized for his outstanding performance through many accolades and awards during the course of his career.

An avid sportsman, Kavi brings his go-getter attitude to the field in sports such as hockey and cricket for which he has represented the teams at National and University levels and also pursues his love for Golf. A true philanthropist, Kavi supports an orphanage where he likes to spend time with the children whenever possible. His academic qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Punjab University, a Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT and a Master’s Degree in Business Management from University Business School, Chandigarh.
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