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Shailendra Phule
Shailendra Phule
Chief Executive Officer,MindGrid Technologies
About author
Shailendra's, 27 years of career spanned from Systems Engineer at R&D Center, Project leader for a number of software exports projects, Head of technical operations for export divisions, Vice President of International operations in India. He has pioneered work in micro computer development and relational DBMS development in India, education and training, technical leadership of large projects for applications based on relational DBMS and 4GL tools, design of quality procedures and methodologies and operations management for software export projects. He has successfully built the back office process BPO operation for MarketTools Research.

His technical background in computer architecture and hardware, systems software and programming tools, communications and networking, client-server environments, productivity tools and CASE and quality assurance has benefited all activities he was associated with. His project management expertise includes special turnkey applications and business applications. He has over 8 years of experience of working abroad. He has extensive experience in management of time critical international information technology projects and management of large groups of professionals. His current interests include application of new engineering technologies at the workplace and the human side of quality. On the technical side they range from JAVA and J2EE technologies, P2P, web services, EAI and BPO. He led the quality movements in CMC, VJIL LANCO, Alberg and IBSS. At VJIL (1997), LANCO (2001), Alberg (2002) and IBSS (2003) the ISO 9001 certification was achieved under his supervision. He was spearheading the SEI CMM level 4 assessments at IBSS. He has participated in the successful SEI CMMi level 5 assessment at Catalytic. His extracurricular interests include music, reading, workouts, swimming and adventure sports.

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